BlueTalon Brings Fine-Grained User Access Control, Filtering, and Data Masking to DataStax and Apache Cassandra

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BlueTalon-logoBlueTalon®, Inc., a leader in Data-Centric Security, announced BlueTalon 3.1 and the addition of DataStax Enterprise, the database for cloud applications built on Apache Cassandra™, to the list of supported data platforms. BlueTalon brings to DSE and Apache Cassandra the same  granularity of control and visibility that the company already delivers on Hadoop, Spark, and RDBMS. This new release expands BlueTalon’s footprint into NoSQL.

Big data has redefined the database landscape. As organizations scale to big, fast, and diverse data, they adopt DSE and Apache Cassandra next to  Hadoop, Spark, and traditional RDBMS. The use of multiple data technologies amplifies the need to redefine data security and data access controls.  BlueTalon’s unique data-centric security architecture enables organizations to unify and enforce precise, consistent, and dynamic access policies  across multiple platforms. This gives security teams unprecedented visibility and control at the data layer regardless of data stores in use.

DataStax Enterprise customers are creating the most advanced SaaS and PaaS solutions that provide real-time value at epic scale,” said Barry Evans,  Head of Technology Partner Development at DataStax. “We are pleased to partner with BlueTalon to enable their advanced data security capabilities  across the DataStax Enterprise platform and further expand DataStax Enterprise where regulatory compliance or fine-grained data access are key  requirements.”

NoSQL databases have become necessary components of next-gen data-driven applications because of their ability to scale. Recent research shows  that 40 percent of organizations have implemented, are implementing, or are upgrading an existing NoSQL database. Increasingly, Cassandra is being  used to power strategic data initiatives dealing with sensitive or highly regulated data and security is critical.

BlueTalon is the data security of choice for many Fortune 100 that are using Cassandra,” said Eric Tilenius, CEO of BlueTalon. “We are pleased to  bring BlueTalon’s unique and effective data-centric security to Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise to ensure that today’s most innovative data  initiatives are secure and meet compliance requirements.”

The advanced data security capabilities brought by BlueTalon include:

  • Precise data authorization, filtering, and data masking down to the sub-field level: BlueTalon allows security staff to define access control, filtering,  and masking at the most fine-grained data element that can be stored in DSE and Cassandra. The level of precision adds to the coarse “grant” or  “revoke” controls at the table level provided by Cassandra, enabling businesses to address the most stringent needs for data protection.
  • User authentication for DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra with integration to enterprise directory services: BlueTalon integrates with Active  Directory and LDAP to bring enterprise-class user authentication to DSE and Cassandra. The attribute-based policies defined in BlueTalon can embed  any user parameter available: user group, location, function and more, to dynamically control access to data.
  • Auditing of data access and activity on Cassandra: BlueTalon tracks all data activity at the data layer, delivering unprecedented visibility into who  accessed what data stored in Cassandra. BlueTalon helps reduce the cost of compliance audits by providing direct visibility and monitoring capabilities at the user and data element level.


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