EMC Isilon Scale-Out Data Lake Foundation

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In this special lab validation brief, EMC Isilon Scale-Out Data Lake Foundation, you’ll learn how the EMC Isilon product family is an easy to operate, highly scalable and efficient Enterprise Data Lake Platform (EDLP). The brief was written by the IDC Storage Team and sponsored by EMC. The EMC Isilon Scale-out Data Lake is an EDLP based on the OneFS distributed file system. IDC validated that a shared storage model based on the Data Lake can in fact provide enterprise-grade service-levels while performing better than dedicated commodity off-the-shelf (COTS) storage for Hadoop workloads.


A data lake should be part of a every Big Data workflow in the enterprise. By consolidating storage for multiple workloads onto a single shared storage platform, buyers can reduce costs and complexity in their environment, and make their Big Data efficient, agile and scalable. Furthermore, a data lake should not only cater to the Hadoop workload performance needs but also the needs of other workloads that use it as a reliable enterprise class store.

The lab brief supports IDC’s belief that EDLPs should be a core part of enterprise storage infrastructure strategy. As businesses learn to collate data from various sources and convert it into consumable nuggets of information for their various organizational units, they will no doubt be compelled to establish enterprise-wide data lakes upon which various workloads can concurrently operate. Such data lakes will enable existing workloads, as well as be “future proof” to seamlessly support new applications and workloads

Here is a list of topics highlighted in this whitepaper:

  • Validated: Concurrent Ingest via NFS, SMB and HDFS
  • Key Finding: Multi-Protocol Ingest Capabilities
  • Validated: HDFS Performance in the Data Lake
  • Validated: NFS Performance During Multi-Protocol Ingest
  • Key Finding: Multi-Protocol Workload Performance
  • Validated: Isilon OneFS High Availability (Recovery from Disk-Level Failure)
  • Validated: Isilon OneFS Lake High Availability (Recovery from Node-Level Failure)
  • Key Finding: High Availability
  • Validated: Access Zones and Access Control Lists
  • Key Finding: Secure Multi-Tenancy
  • Validated: User-Level Authentication and Authorization
  • Validated: Smart Lock
  • Key Finding: Security and Compliance
  • Validated: Storage Pools
  • Key Finding: Simplified Data Management
  • Validation Test Bed
  • Essential Guidance: Advice for Buyers
  • IDC Validation Methodology

The EMC Isilon Scale-Out Data Lake Foundation lab validation brief is available for download in PDF from the insideAI News White Paper Library, courtesy of EMC Corporation.

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