1010data Announces Major Enhancements to Its Consumer Insights Platform

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1010data_squarelogo1010data, Inc., the only integrated platform that combines self-service data management and analytics at scale with ready-to-use data, announced enhancements to its popular Consumer Insights Platform (CIP) with the release of CIP 3.0.

1010data CIP is an analytical collaboration platform that allows retailers and their suppliers to gain unparalleled insight into how key categories and products are performing with SKU-level precision. CIP 3.0 supports a wider range of business users by facilitating faster decision-making with a more user-friendly interface, additional reports and enhanced interactivity built right into key features.

More specifically, the main highlights of CIP 3.0 include:

  • Advanced Product Visibility (APV) – a suite of new reports designed to help identify the root causes of out-of-stocks and item availability challenges at the SKU level. Based on analysis of historical patterns across key metrics, APV’s proprietary algorithms transform an intensely manual process into a data-driven, automated and scalable activity.
  • New Category Manager Dashboard – a clean and concise top-level view of how a business is performing across multiple metrics. Users across category management, sales, supply chain and marketing can now access key performance highlights and easily share them with their executive leadership teams.
  • Improved User Interface with Drilling Capabilities – an interactive grid interface that allows users to click through their selections and drill down to the next level of reporting and insights.
  • Enhanced Visualization – a capability that enables users to easily turn the output of popular reports into additional charts and graphs of their choice for faster and easier decision-making.

This latest version of CIP makes it easier for business users to apply insights in new and creative ways to efficiently and profitably move products in stores,” said Sandy Steier, CEO and Co-Founder of 1010data. “1010data has taken the guided ad hoc experience of CIP to the next level. Retailers and their suppliers will benefit from being able to make better and faster business decisions – and thereby positively impact the consumer experience.”

Because retailers and their suppliers are able to generate growth-driving insights using the same data – powered by the unique data-sharing capabilities of the 1010data platform – CIP is a powerful tool for staying ahead in an increasingly data-driven retail environment.


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