Inquidia Consulting Releases Pentaho Data Integration Component for Snowflake Computing’s Data Warehouse and Analytic Engine for Big Data

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Inquidia_logoInquidia Consulting announced the release of a new software component that allows developers of big data architectures to easily integrate new data sources into Snowflake’s cloud-native data warehouse and analytic engine. Snowflake Computing’s Elastic Data Warehouse is simple and easy to deploy for incredibly fast, scalable, and highly concurrent analytic applications.

The component, designed for users of Pentaho Data Integration, can be plugged into new or existing Pentaho Data Integration deployments. The plugin includes both a Snowflake warehouse manager and a Snowflake bulk loader component. The warehouse manager can create, drop, resume, suspend, and resize warehouses during processing. The Snowflake bulk loader takes advantage of Snowflake’s parallelism to load structured CSV type data and unstructured JSON data into Snowflake faster than previously possible.

At Inquidia, we have always focused on delivering resilient, sustainable analytic environments for our customers,” said Chris Deptula, senior architect for the Inquidia Labs project. “Inquidia sees Snowflake’s unparalleled data warehouse and analytic database technology at the forefront of the cloud analytics revolution. Our customers want simpler, streamlined and scalable operation of their Big Data, and Inquidia’s plugin for Pentaho in Snowflake’s platform does just that.”

The new component was built from the ground up, taking advantage of Snowflake’s native processing of diverse, structured and semi-structured data, massive parallelism, instant scalability, non-disruptive data loading, support for metadata injection, and more. The component also adds Snowflake as a native connection type in Pentaho.

Integration of varied data sources into a comprehensive analytics view is the lifeblood of today’s analytics teams,” said Walter Aldana, Snowflake Computing’s alliance executive. “Inquidia and Snowflake share the same goal of providing simple, powerful, dynamic, and cost-effective data warehouse and analytics infrastructures to data consumers everywhere. Inquidia’s plugin for Pentaho extends the ease-of-use of the Snowflake Computing’s Elastic Data Warehouse platform to companies that want to make data available to those who need it most.”

Customers will be able to install the plugin for Snowflake operation, and take advantage of the breadth of Pentaho’s world-class data integration platform. Through Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), developers and analysts will be able to prepare and blend data to drive actionable insights. Pentaho’s visual tools eliminate coding and complexity, allowing simplified data blending data blending at the fingertips of business and IT users.

Pentaho is a leading data integration and business analytics company that helps organizations harness value from all of their data, no matter how complex the environment,” said Chuck Yarbrough, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing at Pentaho, a Hitachi Group Company. “We recognize the value of an extensible architecture to accomplish this and are pleased that Inquidia’s development of the Snowflake plugin extends the Pentaho platform, helping to deliver data to high-impact analytics environments everywhere.”

The plugin is currently available on GitHub, and is expected to be available in the Pentaho Marketplace in the coming weeks.


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