Talend Unveils New Data Fabric Platform for Enterprise-Scale Self-Service

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talend logo_NEWTalend, a global leader in big data and cloud integration solutions, released the newest version of Talend Data Fabric, a powerful platform designed to meet the integration needs of both developers and business users whether their applications are on-premises or in the cloud. Talend’s platform now features enterprise-grade support for Data Preparation, a solution that shaves hours off the collection and analysis of data, helping speed time to business insight. The latest version of Talend Data Fabric also includes new capabilities for Talend Big Data and Talend Integration Cloud, which empower IT to derive greater benefits from corporate data lakes and cloud resources, while maintaining security, compliance and peace of mind.

It’s well understood that companies must become data-driven in order to compete, yet there are still several major barriers preventing businesses from making data an organization-wide core competency,” said Ciaran Dynes, vice president of products, Talend. “Talend Data Fabric delivers a governed, fully integrated data platform that empowers IT to deliver self-service capabilities so business workers get full access to the information they need, without putting information at risk or undermining compliance.”

Talend Data Preparation Commercial Edition

The commercial version of Talend Data Preparation moves beyond the short-range capabilities of today’s point solutions by enabling true collaboration between IT and business workers. Employees become ‘information brokers’ with the freedom to prepare and analyze data themselves, helping speed time to insight, while IT is able to maintain data security and governance.

Most data preparation solutions only allow a specific group of data-savvy users to access information stores. In contrast, Talend Data Preparation enables enterprise-wide, self-service data access and collaboration. By combining intuitive data preparation capabilities with proper IT oversight; ultimately, Talend paves the way for information to be used more quickly and broadly to enable data-driven decision-making.

The commercial version of Talend Data preparation also helps companies:

  • Control the use of information through role-based access to shared data stores
  • Deliver data preparation tools at enterprise scale with support for hundreds of information sources
  • Perform smart sampling and iterative updates to master datasets
  • Foster collaboration between business users, allowing each employee to evolve their role from a data consumer into a data provider, by sharing datasets
  • Accelerate time-to-insight with one click by incorporating master data into any integration workflow, including batch, bulk, and master data management.

The biggest challenge with self-service anything is governance. Self-service data preparation has been happening for many years in ‘name your favorite spreadsheet software’,” said Stewart Bond, research director for IDC’s Data Integration Software Practice. “But governance issues drove a need for better solutions. Desktop self-service data preparation software is providing a better alternative to spreadsheets, but more value will be realized when centralized governance and control is applied to self-service.”

Talend Big Data

The latest version of Talend Data Fabric also adds innovations to Talend Big Data that help companies operationalize and get more value out of corporate data lakes. With Talend Data Mapper, a tool that maps complex data formats, and machine learning, companies can now easily analyze massive data sets to help identify patterns in data and translate them into new business opportunities. Using data lakes properly can help businesses gain a 360-degree view of each customer, resulting in more targeted marketing, improved customer intimacy, optimized pricing, better demand forecasting, identification and prevention of fraud detection.

Talend Integration Cloud

Furthering Talend’s ‘all-in’ support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), the new version of Talend Data Fabric includes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) communication between data integration jobs in Talend Integration Cloud and Amazon Redshift, which ensures increased security when accessing mission-critical data. Additionally, customers can now encrypt Amazon S3 data on the client-side as well as server-side to guarantee the security of data in motion and data at rest. Using Talend Integration Cloud, IT can also inherit credentials from identity and access management tools to ensure that only authorized users can spin up/spin down Amazon S3 clusters, helping reduce costs incurred through ‘rogue’ cluster usage. Companies can also control costs by changing the number of cluster nodes used for different Amazon EMRor Amazon Redshift workloads dynamically. Finally, Talend’s new Amazon DynamoDB connector allows customers to read directly from Spark jobs, speeding workload processing for high-throughput.


Customers that license the newest version of Talend Data Fabric will receive two seats for Talend Data Preparation at no additional cost, as well as access to the Talend Integration Cloud Sandbox and Talend Data Quality.


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