Manage Supercharges Its Demand-Side Platform for Mobile Advertising With Aerospike NoSQL Database

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BigData use caseAerospike, the high-performance NoSQL database company recognized for “speed at scale” leadership and as the NoSQL leader in the digital media and ad tech industries, announced that Group Inc. (Manage) has selected Aerospike to power its innovative demand-side platform for mobile advertising. Manage chose Aerospike to support its goals for technology evolution and business growth.

Industry analysts expect mobile ad spend to exceed $65 Billion by 2019, with nearly 50 percent of that revenue generated by display ads.1 This growth will be fueled by the ability of companies like Manage to deliver fast, data-driven solutions that bring mobile advertisers and publishers closer to mobile consumers.

We needed a no-compromise database with speed, scalability, reliability and economy,” said Kai Sung, CTO at Manage. “Aerospike delivers on all counts with a fast key-value store and database infrastructure that allows us to evolve and grow our platform, without the need for a caching system.”

Manage provides fully managed programmatic mobile advertising and real-time bidding (RTB) capabilities in a demand-side platform (DSP) that relies on a distributed database infrastructure with clusters in the U.S., Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Manage requires high availability, automatic failover, efficient scalability and cross data center replication (XDR) to meet the growing needs of its customers. When the company’s previous database solution could no longer keep pace with business demands for scalability and high availability, its development team evaluated several alternatives and adopted Aerospike based on its performance and price advantages. Manage processes more than 40 billion programmatic bid requests every day and handles up to 500,000 queries per second at peak hours. Manage needs to meet a Service Level Agreement (SLA) driven by business requirements of 100 milliseconds for each bid request, and every bid request is made up of many different sub-steps — each of which has its own SLA. For the database it has an SLA of 10 milliseconds. Aerospike routinely provides sub-2 millisecond latency, enabling Manage to meet its business SLA and provide enhanced RTB capabilities for its customers.

Manage is serious about both the performance of its mobile DSP and operational efficiencies behind the scenes,” said Brian Bulkowski, CTO and co-founder at Aerospike. “Their developers are leveraging Aerospike capabilities to meet SLAs and better utilize stored data while reducing manual tasks and storage costs. We’re proud to be an enabling technology partner in the company’s success.”

Through its partnership with Aerospike, Manage has increased its storage capacity by 10x to store more user profile and customer segment data, which it uses to enhance campaign optimization. The faster processing speed of Aerospike’s SSD-based NoSQL database allows Manage to obtain a more accurate real-time calculation of a user’s value for each impression and advertiser, which enables the company to bid more efficiently and price bids more appropriately — ultimately increasing its win-rate for customers. With Aerospike, Manage is able to:

  • Consistently deliver a sub-2 millisecond database SLA, which in turn enables it to meet its business SLA
  • Store 1 billion rich user profiles
  • Process 400,000 writes and 300,000 reads per second
  • Boost storage capacity by 10x with cost savings
  • Automate cluster management, failover and replication
  • Ensure zero downtime

Aerospike is the backbone for storing our user data in the smartest, most efficient and reliable way,” said Sung. “By enabling our expansion to one billion robust user profiles and leveraging the increased richness of these stored profiles, Aerospike gives us a competitive advantage. Now we can bid with more precision and efficiency, price bids more appropriately, and win more inventory.”


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