Zoomdata Simplifies the Development of Data-Driven Applications with Advanced Visual Analytics

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ZoomdataZoomdata, developers of the high-performance visual analytics solution for big data, launched the Zoomdata Developer Network (ZDN). ZDN is designed for developers who want to embed Zoomdata’s advanced data visualization capabilities into their applications to meet the need for data-driven solutions. It includes a comprehensive software developer’s kit (SDK) along with the online Zoomdata Developer Zone. Developers can easily get started with Zoomdata either by downloading Docker or Ubuntu instances or spinning up a free cloud trial either in Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure.

The Zoomdata Developer Network is free of charge and offers access to developer guides, an interactive developer sandbox, code samples, API documentation, and more. Developers joining ZDN can leverage the Zoomdata SDK which includes the Application Framework, Administrative Framework, Smart Connector Framework (in beta), Visualization Framework, and Security Framework.

Zoomdata is natively architected for both cloud and on-premises deployments, using an optimized microservices architecture that delivers visual analysis of big data sets in seconds. Zoomdata’s patented Data Sharpening™ technology delivers the industry’s fastest visual analytics for real-time streaming or historical data. Zoomdata’s streaming architecture makes this possible by leveraging Apache Spark as a complementary high performance engine.   Zoomdata Fusion enables users to perform analytics across disparate data sources in a single view – without the need to move or transform data. All of the above make it easier and faster for developers to build embedded data driven applications.

The market for data driven applications is exploding,” said Justin Langseth, founder & CEO of Zoomdata. “The Zoomdata Developer Network makes it faster and easier to build Insightful Applications for developers of all capabilities. More and more companies are shifting to data-driven business models that are driving demand for insightful applications that deliver context awareness and actionable insights from a diverse set of data sources in real-time.”

By bringing the power of Zoomdata to the new breed of applications that data-driven business models require, organizations of all size will benefit. Zoomdata empowers business users with analytics supplied in the context of applications, without relying on separate, standalone BI tools. Companies can make guided real-time decisions based on streaming and historical data sources through insights delivered within an application. Data-driven applications also help organizations monetize their domain-rich data for competitive edge in any industry, taking faster advantage of new opportunities.

For organizations that want to start up a permanent, supported test/dev environment, Zoomdata has introduced the Zoomdata Developer Package, which consists of a server package for non-production use with support for up to five named users. Learn more about the Zoomdata Developer Package.


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