ExSummly Team Comes Out of Stealth, Launches Cosmify, a Knowledge Discovery Platform

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Cosmify-Clara-logoExecutives behind Summly, the company that was sold to Yahoo!, announced their latest venture, Cosmify Inc. Cosmify is a revolutionary  machine learning knowledge discovery platform, according to Eugene Ciurana, Founder and CEO of Cosmify and ex CTO of Summly. Investors in the company include Bart Swanson (exChairman and President at Summly), Ross Mason (Founder of Mulesoft), Sriram Krishnan (VP, Business at  Humin) and Leo Igolnik (VP, Engineering at CA Technologies).

Organizations and teams collect too much data to store or to analyze. Unstructured data like documents, images, emails, and videos and structured data like tables, and sheets make up the majority of data that is stored these days” said Ross Mason. “With Cosmify, Eugene and team have built a  platform that integrates unstructured and semistructured data, provides advanced discovery and analysis capabilities, enables knowledge  management, and facilitates secure collaboration” adds Ross.

According to IDC, a market research firm, the volume of digital data will grow 40% to 50% per year. by 2020, IDC predicts the number will have  reached 40,000 EB or 40 Zettabytes (ZB). More than 90% of enterprise data consists of unstructured data, according to IDC.

Consequently, Cosmify can be used as a solution, unlike any other, to a variety of analysis and discovery related problems organizations face with  unstructured and semistructured  data. “Existing players in the market are too expensive or take a long time to provide relevant results. We have  found a fantastic balance between relevance, cost, and time essentially being far more efficient than other machine learning platforms out there” says Eugene Ciurana.

One inspiration for Cosmify came from the mundane task of preparing taxes. “I had an epiphany. I had always painstakingly organized my invoices,  but I realized I simply needed the ability to find an invoice if there was a query about it. My perspective switched from ‘how organized can I be’ to ‘how effectively can I search’, a lesson from the rise of internet search engines which we should be applying to our personal data. We built Cosmify as a  platform to let everyone search and extract knowledge from their own documents with the assistance of machine learning” says Ana Nelson,  CoFounder and Chief Science Officer.

Cosmify initially plans to target cloud based service providers with its service. “Cloud based services are dealing with unprecedented amounts of data  and we know Cosmify can add so much value by removing the guesswork from their decision making” says Sriram Krishnan, CoFounder, Cosmify.


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