Apixo Iris Platform Powers Accurate Patient Risk Adjustment for Improved Healthcare

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apixio-logoApixio Inc., the data science company for healthcare, announced that its HCC Profiler solution is improving care delivery and chronic disease management with rich and accurate patient profiles.

Powered by Apixio’s cognitive computing platform, Iris, the HCC Profiler mines clinical charts and medical billing data to accurately compute patient risk scores three times faster than traditional chart review methods. Apixio’s Iris platform has learned how to accurately decipher medical charts from analyzing more than 500 million clinical notes. With a more accurate view of patient conditions and risk, providers can better coordinate and deliver care and get paid appropriately for doing so.

At Hill Physicians Medical Group, we pull nearly 11,000 patient charts for review each year. We’ve previously relied on tedious manual review of our charts that required lots of manpower and physician time,” said Jennifer Pereur, Director of Government Programs. “The HCC Profiler has allowed us to mine our EHR and scanned chart data for valid, risk-adjusting conditions with incredible transparency and efficiency. Not only does it automate the process of verifying HCC codes, but it helps us ensure an accurate clinical record which enables us to deliver high-quality care to the patients we serve.”

Apixio’s HCC Profiler reads text directly from hospital and clinic medical charts, which are stored in a variety of electronic health record (EHR) systems, to identify new supportable codes, validate previously submitted diagnosis codes and find gaps in patient documentation. The HCC Profiler can also make sense of medical charts that have been printed and scanned or transmitted via fax.

Powered by Iris, with HCC Profiler, healthcare organizations can:

  • Review and code medical charts up to three times faster than manual review with better accuracy.
  • Uncover an average of 10 percent more supported HCC codes than manual review.
  • Optimize care delivery with a more accurate clinical patient record.
  • Securely extract clinical encounter data with little IT time.

Our goal is to help healthcare organizations access all of their data – including everything written by their care providers from office visits to specialty consults to hospital discharge summaries,” said Eric Tan, Clinical Coding Director at Apixio. “The HCC Profiler ensures that providers and health plans can accurately compute risk scores. This helps organizations succeed under the new value-based care landscape.”


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