Argyle Data Outlines Five Key 2016 Predictions for Native Hadoop Applications

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argyle_logoVikash Varma, President and CEO of Argyle Data, a leader in native Hadoop applications for threat analytics in mobile communications, has provided a perspective on the company’s momentum and industry outlook for 2016. Varma’s predictions for substantially accelerated growth are fueled by the growing need for data-driven applications and fraud analytics for the mobile communications industry that run natively on Hadoop.

2015 has been a momentous year for Argyle Data, proving out our unique native Hadoop, machine learning approach, both in the data center and the AWS cloud. We are now running live in some of the world’s largest mobile operators and MVNOs,” said Varma. “The mobile communications industry loses over 1.69% of annual revenue, or about $38 billion, to fraud. International revenue share fraud (IRSF) alone has grown from $1.8B in 2013 to $10.7B in 2015. Leading carriers all have Hadoop, and we are getting a great reception among the carrier community because of our ability to enable them to use their investment in new big data platforms to help stem these massive losses. Our 2016 focus will be on rolling out our proven native Hadoop fraud analytics application to more mobile operators in more countries, and more quickly, by ramping a global channel and a rapidly deployable cloud offering. We also believe that the wider adoption of IoT networks in 2016 will be a further, significant factor driving greater demand for our application.”

2015 Momentum

  • To support its growth initiatives, Argyle Data’s management team has been strengthened by the appointment of senior executives with recognized big data, machine learning, and mobile communications industry expertise.
  • Furthering its vision for the mobile communications industry, the company has joined the GSMA and is a contributor to the GSMA’s Fraud and Security Working Group (FASG).
  • The company launched the thought leading publication Fraud & Technology Wire that discusses where fraud detection meets big data and machine learning technology.

2016 Outlook:  Hadoop Machine Learning and IoT Predictions for the Mobile Industry

In 2015, in “Elephant Applications vs. Data Dinosaurs,” we predicted the shift to native Hadoop applications. In 2016 Dr. Ian Howells, Chief Marketing Officer at Argyle Data, predicts five major market shifts that will build on the 2015 momentum for Hadoop as an application platform. These 2016 predictions outline the evolution to packaged, native Hadoop machine learning and graph applications for both the mobile and IoT worlds.

  • Prediction 1– In 2015 we coined the phrase “Native Hadoop Applications vs. Alien Applications”. We believe in 2016 big data savvy customers will demand data-driven applications built from the ground up on Hadoop.
  • Prediction 2– Fraud detection will be one of the top three big data/Hadoop application initiatives in every major mobile communications company.
  • Prediction 3– Packaged machine learning applications built natively on Hadoop will become the preferred way to detect fraud and revenue threats in mobile networks against massive communication service provider (CSP) data lakes.
  • Prediction 4 – Packaged graph analysis applications built natively on Hadoop will become the preferred way to detect crime rings attacking mobile networks.
  • Prediction 5 – Packaged native Hadoop machine learning applications will become the preferred way to detect anomalous, suspicious behavior in IoT networks.

Further detail on these predictions is available at Argyle Data’s blog.


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