Software AG Adds Predictive Analytics & New IoT Industry Standards to Apama

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SoftwareAG_logoSoftware AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) announced the availability of the Apama Streaming Analytics platform Release 9.9. Apama is a leading platform for streaming analytics and intelligent, automated action on fast-moving Big Data. It combines event processing, messaging, in-memory data management and visualization and is the most comprehensive platform for managing vast, fast-moving data streams and turning meaningful insight into action.

Continuous Software Development Brings Significant Benefits to Apama Users

We’re developing a new release every six months, which makes Apama the most comprehensive and competitive platform in the market for building applications that monitor, analyze and act on vast, fast-moving data streams,” said Dr. Giles Nelson, senior vice president of Product Strategy and Marketing, Software AG. “The new enhancements in this release will help business analysts monitor connected devices in the ‘Internet of Things’, operate across Cloud or on premises IT deployments, and, include predictive analytics.”

The new functionality in Apama 9.9 enhances support for numerous powerful applications, including market surveillance, fraud detectionpredictive maintenance, smart logistics and a number of other Internet of Things and real-time marketing use cases.

Apama Powers Business Analysts and Data Scientists with all the Analytics Functionality Needed

The ability to predict what is likely to happen next is essential to satisfying customers, improving operations, finding fraud and beating the competition,” said Nelson. “Predictive analytics uses patterns found in historical and real-time data to indicate what is ahead. The addition of Apama and its historical, real-time and predictive analytics functionality dramatically enhances the capabilities of our Digital Business Platform and enables enterprises to identify and act on future risks and opportunities in terms of revenue, resources, output and more.”

Apama 9.9 Highlights

Highlights of the new Apama 9.9 release include:

  • Predictive Analytics – enables business analysts to identify significant events and take actions before they occur. For instance, better predicting when maintenance should happen enables organizations to fix their high value machines and equipment before failures actually occur and thus minimize the impact to their business;
  • MQTT and AMQP Standards and Protocols – increased support for these key protocols enables easier integration with the Internet of Things;
  • Apama Queries Designer – enables business analysts to develop Apama Queries within Software AG Designer more easily. Apama queries now include improved tooling with additional tooltips, simpler screen layouts, better on-screen representations of data, advanced expression editing and more informative error reporting.
  • On premise or Cloud Deployment – support for Docker Containers helps Apama users to deploy and use the Apama platform consistently in on-premise and cloud environments
  • Additional Apama 9.9 highlights can be found HERE.

Apama Enjoys First Class Digital Business Platform Citizenship

Apama 9.9 includes common Software AG deployment functionality ensuring it is fully integrated into the Digital Business Platform, which is recognized as the first and leading platform to support all stages in a company’s digital transformation.


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