Signet Accel and Predixion Software Partner to Bring Joint Data Integration and Predictive Modeling to Healthcare Industry

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Big-Data-HealthcareSignet Accel, a software and services company specializing in data integration and harmonization, announced a partnership with Predixion Software, a developer of cloud-based advanced analytics software. Signet Accel customers can now leverage the power of Predixion Insight™ for real-time, predictive analytics at the point of decision to improve outcomes. The combination of Signet Accel’s federated data integration platform, Avec™, and Predixion Insight™ will provide clients access to the full data lifecycle, from data integration with true interoperability, to real-time predictive analytics.

We’re bringing our respective clients the opportunity to combine the best of breed on two platforms into one solution,” said Dave Billiter, Signet Accel Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. “With Avec™, we’re focused on data integration and harmonization, and building a pristine package of dynamic data. Predixion Insight™ brings advanced analytics—and added potential—to the data we’re queuing up for clients.”

Avec™ provides the ability to connect and harmonize disparate databases, allowing researchers to identify patterns and trends across a large patient population, and offering comprehensive insight into both research and treatment. Predixion Insight™ enables researchers to build and generate predictive models based on that data, predicting potential outcomes and trends and informing educated decision making.

Signet Accel pulls together data and integrates it into a rich repository, and from there we can build solutions in real-time with Predixion Insight™ that answer critical problems like predicting which patients are at risk for disease progression or whether a clinical trial is feasible,” said Nish Hartman, vice president of healthcare at Predixion Software. “It really boils down to the synergy between our specialties; each makes the other better.”

Signet Accel and Predixion are currently collaborating on client engagements in clinical and translational medicine and will soon release an exclusive joint offering.

By working together, we’re bringing data integration and advanced analytics, two incredibly multi-layered and difficult disciplines into one solution that supports the efforts of researchers, physicians and front-line clinicians,” Billiter said. “And in that process, we’ll provide our clients with a reduction in cost, improved outcomes and the ability to solve problems faster than ever before, which translates into improved care for patients. And we’re just scratching the surface.”


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