WebAction Software Is Now Striim, the Streaming Integration and Intelligence Platform

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Striim_logoWebAction announced that it has re-branded their software as Striim (pronounced “stream”), the streaming integration and intelligence platform. The platform remains the same enterprise-strength, end-to-end streaming data integration and operational intelligence solution that has been generally available from WebAction for the past year. The new brand will help communicate the dependency that streaming analytics and operational intelligence have on streaming data integration. Product advances in the Fall release of the Striim platform further highlight customer needs for both integration and intelligence.

Drawing on their deep data integration experience, the WebAction team realized that the real challenge of streaming analytics would be in the near-realtime collection and processing of streaming data.” said John Myers, managing research director at Enterprise Management Associates. “With this in mind, I think “Striim” better conveys what their solution is all about – real-time data acquisition combined with analytical processing, data visualizations and alerting on data in-motion.”

Striim uniquely combines both streaming integration and streaming intelligence in a single platform. The Striim platform can ingest high-speed streaming data from a wide variety of sources – including change data from enterprise databases – and deliver it to many different types of systems within milliseconds. While the data is moving, enterprises can filter, transform, aggregate and enrich it at-speed, organizing it in-memory before it lands on disk.

When deeper insights are needed, the Striim platform enables correlation of streaming information, anomaly detection, and the ability to identify interesting events and patterns while the data is in-motion. This information can be all be stored, visualized through real-time streaming dashboards, and used to immediately trigger alerts and workflows.

The Fall release of the Striim platform offers significant advances in support of both streaming integration and streaming analytics.

In the area of streaming data integration, the focus is on both enhanced security and deeper integration with open source technologies. For increased security, Striim users can now encrypt data as it’s flowing into the cluster. Continuing the strategy to integrate with open source solutions, the platform now offers:

  • Support for Kafka as target message queue. Many companies are looking to Kafka to serve as a messaging backbone. In addition to reading from Kafka, Striim users can now write to a Kafka message queue. More granular functionality includes writing to a Kafka topic and partitions. Striim formatters enable users to build applications and deliver output in a simple declarative manner, out-of-the-box.
  • Hadoop/HDFS dynamic file management. Not only can Striim write to Hadoop, but also it can take advantage of Hadoop’s distributed file system, easily writing across the cluster to multiple nodes. Striim enables a clever partitioning scheme from all sources into HDFS. Parallel file creation allows users to write and create multiple files in parallel, while criteria can be based on the streaming event data itself. This is important for handling different partitioning schemes.
  • Support for Hive as a target. In addition to pulling data from Hive, the Striim DBMS writer component can also directly write to Hive tables and partitions, enabling faster access to Hive data.

The focus for streaming analytics and operational intelligence is on:

  • Advanced event correlation. Striim’s easy-to-use pattern matching operator leverages simplified rules and regular expressions to create custom correlation logic. Users can define patterns that look for a specific sequence of events within a single stream, or across multiple streams from various sources, occurring within a certain timeframe.
  • Optimizations for fast query of large caches.


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