Impetus Technologies Unveils Free Versions of StreamAnalytix Platform

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Impetus_Technologies_LogoImpetus Technologies, a big data thought leader, software services and solutions company, announced the availability of free versions of StreamAnalytix™–the company’s enterprise-class, streaming analytics platform, based on best-of-breed open source technology components.

The new offerings will put the power of a GUI-based rapid-application development and deployment platform in the hands of a wider community of streaming analytics developers to gain experience, conduct pilots and take a wide range of applications into production. The free versions of StreamAnalytix are intended to address the heightened interest among Fortune 1000 enterprises to quickly and easily capitalize on real-time streaming analytics as a way to cut preventable losses, gain operational insight and uncover new business opportunities. Use-cases enabled by StreamAnalytix range across industry verticals from IoT (Internet of Things), e-commerce, Internet advertising, customer experience, security, fraud, insurance claims processing, call center analytics, log analytics and many more.

Launched in February 2015, StreamAnalytix is built over a proven open source stack including Apache Storm, Kafka, Hadoop and also embeds a complex event-processing engine for performing real-time analytics on streaming data. Interfaces to Apache Cassandra, Apache Solr and Elasticsearch are also available out of the box. The platform works with all leading Hadoop distributions and provides enterprises with the flexibility to easily integrate with any data source, message queue and target data store of choice. It also allows passing on data and event-triggers to other enterprise applications based on business rules applied over streaming data.

As part of the new, free versions of StreamAnalytix, Impetus Technologies is offering three options to choose from: StreamAnalytix Lite, StreamAnalytix Developer and StreamAnalytix Sandbox. Each option is crafted to meet the specific needs of its expected user profile. An online support and community portal, has been created for users to engage with the StreamAnalytix team and other co-users of the platform. Details on the three options include:

  • StreamAnalytix Lite – A free, perpetual license to a production ready, unlimited scale, limited functionality version of the StreamAnalytix platform with a powerful set of operators to ingest, store, and index real-time streaming “big data,” and perform custom processing and analytics on the stream. This is ideal for developers looking to ingest streaming data into Hadoop and use a powerful visual tool-kit for developing real-time streaming analytics applications based on Apache Storm and deploying at scale with no strings attached and free of cost.
  • StreamAnalytix Developer – A free1-year trial of StreamAnalytix Enterprise with all features included and scale limited to a maximum of 8 processing cores of Apache Storm. It is designed to provide maximum power and flexibility for developers to build real-life and possibly complex enterprise applications and perform functional testing before expanding to a full-scale deployment. It includes all the features included in the Lite version, plus real-time dashboards, dynamic message routing, multi-tenancy support, built-in operators for complex event processing, predictive model markup language (PMML) support and advanced operations monitoring of real-time applications.
  • StreamAnalytix Sandbox – Includes a free, 1-year pre-licensed copy of StreamAnalytix Enterprise limited to 8 processing cores, integrated with underlying open source components and pre-packaged in a binary virtual machine format that can be downloaded and used within minutes with no software installation process required other than the sandbox player tool. This version provides developers with the fastest pathway to experiencing the power of the StreamAnalytix platform to build and test real streaming applications with Apache Storm.

In addition to the free versions, Impetus Technologies has also made available a 60-day trial of its flagship StreamAnalytix Enterprise Edition, the commercial version of the platform allowing full functionality and at-scale usage of the platform. Users can upgrade to StreamAnalytix Enterprise from StreamAnalytix Lite, StreamAnalytix Developer or the 60-day Enterprise trial edition by obtaining a new license key from Impetus Technologies. The applications and environment prior to upgrade will carry forward with no interruption.

The power to ingest and analyze real-time streaming data at scale is one of the core value propositions of the big data eco-system. We are delighted to unleash that power in an easily consumable manner at no cost to a wide audience with the free versions of StreamAnalytix,” said Anand Venugopal, head of product for StreamAnalytix at Impetus Technologies. “StreamAnalytix is being recognized as a leading solution among enterprises and analysts specifically because it offers the power and flexibility of the underlying open source systems along with the usability and manageability features, as well as support and professional services that are critical for enterprises to achieve business ROI through these technologies.”

Impetus Technologies, the creator of StreamAnalytix, is a big data solutions company with headquarters in Los Gatos, California and multiple development centers in India. With its recent five years of successful enterprise big data and analytics implementations and two decades of experience building mission-critical software platforms and applications for large companies, Impetus Technologies will be the lead systems integrator providing professional services and support for StreamAnalytix.

For more information about the free versions of StreamAnalytix, and to download the software, please visit:


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