Amplitude Analytics Liberates the Mobile User Analytics Market With Free Product Offering

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Amplitude_logoAmplitude, The Behavioral Analytics Company(™), announced a free version of Amplitude Mobile Analytics, the ultimate platform for mobile product managers who seek to grow and retain their user bases. The company has restructured its pricing model and is now offering its entry level service at no charge to companies that have under 10 million monthly user events.

We’re putting an end to volume-based pricing in user analytics. Volume-based pricing is bad for product managers and bad for analytics culture. It discourages tracking and forces mobile product teams to perform a cost and benefit analysis every time they instrument more event data,” said Spenser Skates, co-founder and CEO of Amplitude. “We’ve developed a platform that operates on an economy of scale that no one else can, and we’re liberating one third of the user analytics market from archaic pricing. For the first time, today, we’re offering 10 million events per month for free. Other companies charge $1,000 per month for this subscription.”

Amplitude Mobile Analytics is the fastest path to user growth. Anyone in the company can use Amplitude to pinpoint the most valuable retention drivers within hours. By leveraging the industry’s most scalable mobile analytics platform, product teams never have to worry again about increasing data volumes or surprise bills. With Amplitude, they can analyze billions of user events at a once unheard-of subscription price. Today, thousands of companies including Yik Yak, DoorDash, and MapQuest are using Amplitude to create outsized competitive advantages with their user behavior data.

Amplitude allows us to make highly informed, data-driven decisions to ensure we’re constantly providing the very best experience for our customers,” said Zachary Kinloch, Head of Growth at DoorDash. “Our entire team, from engineering to design to support, regularly uses the service to track the success of our launches and quickly tweak our app based on customer demand. And Amplitude’s Behavioral Cohorting feature allows us to perform complex analysis and quickly identify which actions in our app lead to long-term user retention.”

Breakthrough Platform Gives Visibility into the Behavioral Layer for the First Time

For product managers, one of the most important things to understand is the difference between users who engage and users who don’t. Analytics offerings today either give them access to summary statistics or raw data but don’t give any insight into why users engage. Between summary statistics and the raw data is the rich Behavioral Layer that reveals deep, dynamic patterns of user behavior inside the application that lead to engagement. Understanding the Behavioral Layer is the key to driving growth.

Before Amplitude, the only way to access the Behavioral Layer was through building out in-house analytics infrastructure, data warehousing, and data science teams. This was the method gaming companies such as Zynga used for data-driven product development and was how Facebook determined its famous “a-ha moment” of 7 friends added in 10 days.

Amplitude’s 3 Unique Ways to Access The Behavioral Layer

Only Amplitude can provide customers with fast, interactive access to the Behavioral Layer with no coding required that anyone in the company can use. The company offers three ways to analyze behavior in this realm:

  • Microscope is the interactive dashboard tool that enables anyone to explore the user behavior data behind the graphs. Microscope turns each data point on a dashboard from a single number to fully interactive interface that lets you explore the full depth of data behind that number. Simply click on a data point to zoom in and view the users and actions that make up that point. For instance, with Microscope it’s easy to study users at any step in the funnel to determine the actual differences between those who churned and who stayed.
  • Behavioral Cohorting is the tool that allows you to granularly define a group of users based on specific actions they have performed in your product — over any time frame and at any level of depth. Behavioral cohorts allow you to quickly and easily test hypotheses on whether or not those behaviors drive engagement and retention in a point and click interface.
  • Growth Discovery Engine helps you explore all of the possible ‘a-ha’ moments within your user data and zero in on the best candidates at the click of a button. What used to take weeks now takes hours with this unique Amplitude offering, allowing you to quickly zero in on the behaviors that are predictive of retention and conversion and drive explosive user growth.


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