Denodo Delivers New Denodo Tableau Data Extract Exporter Tool

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denodo-logo-200Denodo, a leader in Data Virtualization software, announced a technology partnership with Tableau Software, a global leader in rapid-fire and easy-to-use business analytics software. As a part of the relationship, Denodo is delivering the Denodo Tableau Data Extract (TDE) Exporter Tool, which will deliver optimum performance and management of data to enable an unparalleled user experience for data exploration and self-service BI and analytics.

Denodo provides agile access to disparate data through data virtualization, while Tableau offers powerful data exploration and data visualization capabilities. The enhanced integration between the two allows IT departments to easily provision reusable and integrated data services with high performance while enabling enterprise data consumers to analyze, visualize and share information,” said Suresh Chandrasekaran, Senior Vice President at Denodo. “The release of the Denodo TDE Exporter Tool underscores Denodo’s expanding leadership in the Data Virtualization market, while increasing the value derived from data to our joint customers.”

The Denodo Data Virtualization Platform can be deployed rapidly and hides the complexity of structured and unstructured data repositories from data consumers through a virtual abstraction layer. Combined with Tableau’s data visualization software, this allows for instantaneous insight by transforming data into visually appealing, interactive visualizations and dashboards. This gives business users the ability to easily generate reports with integrated data from many different sources. As a result, organizations can maximize the data available, reduce data replication costs, provide deeper insight, and add value to the business.

The combined use of Denodo’s and Tableau’s technologies achieves a great Self-Service BI experience for end users. Because of the Denodo Data Virtualization layer, IT can simultaneously maintain control of the actual workload submitted to data warehouses and operational systems. IT can define “self-service ready” data services in the data virtualization layer by importing and combining data from all sources. This process also considers any performance issues such as potential overload of data sources at peak times and allowing caching data when necessary. Additionally, Tableau business users can freely generate any kind of report on top of such data services.

The release of the Denodo TDE Exporter Tool enables the generation of TDE memory-mapped files from a variety of data sources regardless of their location or complexity. TDE files significantly improve the performance and user experience when generating reports under Tableau. Tableau users can either access data in real-time directly from the Denodo Data Virtualization layer (for operational BI for example), or rely on TDE files pre-generated by the Denodo Exporter Tool for efficient analysis of large data volumes.

Today’s business user is demanding faster and easier access to all their data,” said Robert Green, Director, Product Management at Tableau. “Integration options from Denodo, including the new TDE Export functionality, provide Tableau customers with the powerful ability to bring together data from disparate sources and gain more insights from their all their data, quicker.”

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