100,000 Developers Adopt Couchbase Mobile

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couchbaseCouchbase, Inc. announced significant momentum for its NoSQL mobile products including more than 100,000 developers in its community, adoption by large enterprises and a rapidly growing eco-system of systems integrators and resellers. Since its introduction in May 2014, Couchbase Mobile, has powered the transition to the next phase of mobile app development: a new generation of mobile apps that work with or without a network connection.

The day is quickly arriving when mobile apps will only meet user expectations by delivering the same experience offline as they do online. We see a huge shift in the market as app developers and large enterprises adopt this mindset and only build apps that work regardless of connectivity,” said Bob Wiederhold, CEO Couchbase. “The reason for Couchbase Mobile’s accelerated success is simple: it makes it easy for developers to build the new generation of mobile apps. And our performance and ease of use advantage make Couchbase uniquely positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Product Innovation

Couchbase Mobile delivers a solution that enables developers to quickly build always-available, always-responsive mobile applications. Couchbase Mobile includes three components: Couchbase Lite, Couchbase Sync Gateway and Couchbase Server. Taken together, these products provide developers with a powerful, new platform for building robust and network-independent mobile apps, dramatically reducing the code needed to manage data synchronization and substantially accelerating time to market.

Couchbase also announced general availability for Couchbase Mobile 1.1. This new release introduces preview support for ForestDB, bringing the next-generation Couchbase storage engine to mobile. Additionally, the Couchbase Mobile 1.1 release adds change notification capabilities to the cloud database. Using change notifications, or web hooks, developers no longer have to write custom code to poll for changes within either the cloud or device database. Now, when data is changed in either database, external services and systems are notified and can run the appropriate application logic. This important functionality saves developers significant time by reducing the amount of code they need to write to maintain data integrity in both the cloud and the device, which helps them get their applications to market faster.

With Couchbase Mobile, developers can easily deliver beautiful apps that work online and offline,” said Macy Mills, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Hitcents, the mobile game and app development company behind Tom Hanks’ Hanx Writer and Draw a Stickman: EPIC. “Couchbase Mobile enables the game development community, including Hitcents, to more easily build multi-platform games and worry less about coding for data management or synchronization. This is a game changer.”

Couchbase continues to invest in making Couchbase Mobile accessible to developers building any kind of application on any platform. Over the past year Couchbase Mobile has released support for all major operating systems and platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Linux, Xamarin, Unity, Microsoft .NET, Adobe PhoneGap, and more. The effort to ensure that Couchbase Mobile runs on every major platform and framework makes it easier for mobile app developers to leverage Couchbase Mobile in their NoSQL data management solution.

Growing Eco-System

The eco-system around mobile application development is particularly excited about the introduction of Couchbase Mobile. Since it was introduced last year, system integrators, ISVs and VARs from around the world have partnered with Couchbase to make Couchbase Mobile their solution of choice for building mobile applications. Partners for Couchbase Mobile include Unity, Telerik, Gimbal, Cyerbvision, Firefly, Hitcents, Vueit, Think Ahead Software, OST Global and Xamarin.


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  1. I have been tracking NoSQL database for several years, collecting publicly available data on skills and vendors. Summary in section 2: https://speakerdeck.com/abchaudhri/considerations-for-using-nosql-technology-on-your-next-it-project-1 Couchbase has a lot of work to do to catch-up with the NoSQL leaders. For the 100,000 downloads is that developers actually using it for serious development or just playing with it?