New Clarabridge 7 Drives Immediate Action on Customer Intelligence

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clarabridge_logoClarabridge, Inc., a leading provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions for the world’s top brands, announced the latest release to its customer intelligence platform. Clarabridge 7 is designed from the ground up to empower various teams throughout an enterprise to collect, distill actionable insights, and instantly view, collaborate and act on omni-channel customer feedback data. Clarabridge 7 helps businesses operationalize their customer insights and create a customer-centric culture of accountability, with each team understanding and more fully realizing their role in delivering a superior customer experience.

Creating customer loyalty and profitability is no longer a guessing game,” said Nithi Vivatrat, chief product officer at Clarabridge. “Clarabridge 7 makes it possible for large organizations to develop empathetic customer relationships. The synthesis of big data analytics, operational ease, and rich engagement capabilities allows businesses to immediately understand customer needs and wants — regardless of how they interact with the company.”

Many organizations employ largely manual processes to gather and analyze customer feedback. Others employ one or more CEM tools, and typically rely on a specialized staff of business analysts to design, analyze, and distribute customer insight reports. This intelligence is often locked within the silos of a department or a line of business, and has a narrowly defined distribution capability. With Clarabridge 7 businesses accelerate time to value by exploring, presenting, and sharing customer insights faster than ever, and gaining a true competitive advantage.

Key features include:

  • Extreme scalability: The new architecture of Clarabridge 7 uses distributed computing and expanded use of a high performance NoSQL data architectures, resulting in faster load, query and response times offering the most scalable, reliable big data CX solution on the market.
  • CX Studio: CX Studio provides an intuitive way of exploring the customer journey story across all touchpoints — survey, call center, social media, review sites and others. This dashboard authoring environment enables massive rollout and distribution of CX insights to the whole enterprise. It offers an infographic-style visualization of data that accelerates CEM adoption for teams across an organization.
  • Role-specific data analysis: Role-based dashboards make CX data relevant and actionable to each role, location and level within an organization. These personalization features allow business users to immediately address the feedback that relates to their specific areas of responsibility.
  • CX Engagor: Through CX Engagor, Clarabridge 7 connects businesses directly with consumers, enabling real-time engagement and closed loop handling. Robust categorization, intelligent filtering, proactive alerting capabilities, and social performance management capabilities streamline customer engagement and help organizations create high performance social engagement teams.
  • Instant cataloging of products, brands and competitors: Clarabridge 7 uses semantic learning algorithms to automatically discover and detect key business entities such as individual product names, brands and competitors supporting the ever-changing business landscape with ease.
  • Dynamic survey: With a dynamic survey solution, businesses can proactively engage with customers about their experiences and create a simpler, more streamlined survey interaction. The result: higher completion rates and more relevant data.

CX Studio is visually intuitive and makes the data easy to understand,” said Stephanie Jacobs, Marketing analyst at BE Aerospace. “It allows us to streamline our CEM process by sharing insights with executives, analysts, product designers, marketers, and other stakeholders. Making the data relevant to the teams who manage pieces of the customer experience is extremely powerful.”


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