Utimaco and Zettaset Hardware-Based Big Data Encryption to Secure Hadoop and NoSQL

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utimaco-logoUtimaco, a leading manufacturer of hardware-based security solutions, and Zettaset, a leader in big data security, announced a strategic alliance that will provide enterprise customers with a data encryption solution optimized for performance and scalability in open-source big data environments such as Hadoop and NoSQL.

By integrating Zettaset Secure Hadoop Encryption client software, which encrypts sensitive data, with Utimaco’s CryptoServer hardware security module (HSM), which provides physical protection of master cryptographic keys, enterprises that deploy a Hadoop cluster or NoSQL database can rest assured that sensitive data is physically protected. The joint solution protects the encryption keys by isolating them from the client storage media, providing unmatched security from unauthorized access.

Enterprise customers are seeking the same trusted and proven data center security solutions for open-source database environments that they have successfully deployed in their traditional, relational databases,” said CEO Jim Vogt of Zettaset. “Unlike open-source approaches, Zettaset delivers a commercial-grade, standards-based, KMIP- and PKCS-compliant encryption solution for Big Data that enables IT security organizations to utilize a common and consistent framework for encryption throughout the data center, regardless of the type of data store. This approach provides interoperability assurance as well as investment protection, and enables IT organizations to deploy a solution that will have longevity and lower total cost of ownership.”

Utimaco’s hardware Se-series is a fully customizable and highly scalable FIPS 140-2 Level 3+ certified hardware security module. The Se-series addresses the increasing need for mass processing of crypto operations for applications and market segments that require medium to high physical security.

Utimaco’s core goal is to ensure that digital assets stay safe, stay private and stay secure,” said Malte Pollmann, CEO of Utimaco. Our scalable and customizable hardware security module serves as the cornerstone of trust within multiple industries, deployed across more than 80 countries in more than 1,000 installations. By integrating with Zettaset, the power of hardware-based security is extended even further to enterprise customers who have deployed Hadoop or NoSQL to leverage the full power of secure Big Data.”

Zettaset Secure Hadoop Encryption is a KMIP-compliant software solution that transforms data-at-rest on Hadoop nodes using AES-NI and an innovative kernel-level encryption approach.  Zettaset encryption is optimized to deliver a high level of compute performance and solution scalability in even the largest Hadoop clusters and NoSQL databases.

Zettaset and Utimaco have successfully completed interoperability assurance testing. The joint solution is KMIP- and PKCS-compliant, thus simplifying the integration process for customers with a standards-based solution.


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