Host Analytics Introduces Modeling Cloud

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Host_Analytics_LogoHost Analytics, a leader in cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM), today announced the launch of Host Analytics Modeling Cloud, a new module in Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite.  Modeling Cloud is designed to serve business users wherever they work – in Excel spreadsheets or via a web browser or mobile device with a patent-pending “write once, run anywhere” architecture.

Modeling Cloud Announcement Highlights and Facts

As modern businesses become more and more metrics-driven, departments are under increasing pressure to anticipate future business outcomes and show how those outcomes will impact critical company metrics and targets. Unfortunately, much of that modeling today happens in disconnected desktop spreadsheets that lack the needed data scalability, security, and dimensionality required to be effective. Beyond that, they are not well-integrated into monthly and quarterly financial plans, leaving the broader business operating with an outdated view of what’s happening at the operational level.

Host Analytics Modeling Cloud addresses issues businesses are facing by providing:

  • Self-service interactive query and analysis that lets finance and business users analyze the data in any way that they like with speed-of-thought response times. For example, business users can rapidly analyze profitability by product, by period, by geography, by business scenario.
  • Advanced modeling that lets users create new members, calculations, sub-models, and even business dimensions in models with no support from IT. So a business leader considering selling a product through a reseller channel can easily add that business dimension and try to understand the volume and margin implications of that change.
  • Excel-based reporting so that organizations can harness the full power of Excel for information presentation while ensuring “one version of the truth” from a centralized, secure data store.

Modeling cloud empowers users within and beyond finance by providing deeper insights, with the ability to anticipate business outcomes and inform financial plans.  Empowered users can collaborate securely across Excel, web and mobile interfaces with no IT support required.  And they can deploy new modeling applications quickly and securely via the cloud.

Host Analytics Modeling Cloud is an essential ingredient in realizing the ‘Enterprise’ element of the Enterprise Performance Management vision,” said Dave Kellogg, CEO at Host Analytics. “With Modeling Cloud, we can give operational business users the freedom and flexibility to model and analyze their key metrics while connecting those metrics and models back to the Office of Finance and the master Corporate Plan.”

Available now, Host Analytics Modeling Cloud incorporates a number of modern technologies to address business user modeling in a way that goes beyond traditional solutions. Modeling cloud uses HTML5, NoSQL, In-memory Computing, and a patent-pending cloud-based calculation engine to deliver unprecedented business user flexibility and breakthrough performance along with the elastic scalability and lower overall costs of a natively multitenant cloud architecture. Analytical views and reports are saved in a common, cross-platform format to deliver a “write once, run anywhere” experience for business users. With Modeling Cloud, users can create a report in Excel and view it unchanged on a mobile device, or create a report in a web browser for a power user to analyze in Excel. Modeling Cloud integrates with the rest of the Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite, enhancing the existing planning, close, reporting, and analytics modules for a complete EPM solution.

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