AtScale Launches to Put the Power of Hadoop Into the Hands of Business Users

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atscale_logoAtScale, Inc., today officially entered the Hadoop and Business Intelligence (BI) sector with its first offering, the AtScale Intelligence Platform. AtScale enables interactive, multi-dimensional analysis on Hadoop, directly from standard BI tools such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau Software or QlikView.

AtScale software requires no data movement, no custom driver and no separate cluster in order to perform. When customers deploy AtScale, their business users can analyze the entirety of their Hadoop data, at lightning speed and from the BI tools they are already familiar with. To try AtScale today, register at

A Game Changer for Hadoop

AtScale is a game-changer for our approach to BI with Hadoop,” says Craig Fryar, Head of Business Intelligence at, the global gaming leader and creator of the award-winning World of Tanks. “We have a community of more than 110 million users and a massive amount of data about how people play our games. Our cluster stores billions of events that we can now easily explore in just a few clicks. With AtScale, we enable our analysts to quickly and securely access Hadoop and analyze data in real time using Tableau.”

Up until now, the Business Intelligence market had been disconnected from the Hadoop opportunity. Companies that wanted to connect business users to Hadoop had to either hire developers to custom-code access, move data into separate data stores and legacy BI platforms or buy first-generation Hadoop-only BI tools. The former was slow, expensive and inflexible. The latter negated the investment these organizations had made in previous BI tools. It forced them to move data around and re-train users. Neither approach yielded much result and according to a recent survey by Bain & Co research, only four percent of companies can attribute better decision making to their Big Data efforts.

The AtScale Intelligence Platform provides the industry’s first Hadoop-native analysis server that allows users to analyze Big Data at full scale and top speed, while leveraging the existing BI tools they already own.

Making BI Work on Hadoop

We created AtScale to put an end to the frustration business users have had with Hadoop and to empower IT with a managed and governed platform for BI on Big Data,” says Dave Mariani, Founder and CEO. “Today, millions of information workers could derive value from Hadoop but their organizations have not been able to empower them to do so; either because their current toolset doesn’t work natively with Hadoop or because IT doesn’t have the tools to provision them with secure, self-service access. I started AtScale to put data into the hands of the business user and I brought my team from Yahoo! to do it right.”

Mariani, a Big Data Veteran and serial entrepreneur, was responsible for the data pipelines and analytics teams at Yahoo! at the time that Hadoop was born. After Yahoo!, Mariani went on to run engineering at Klout, where he managed a 200+ node cluster and Hive Data Warehouse of over one trillion rows.

In creating AtScale, Mariani has surrounded himself with some of the best engineering talent in the Valley. Executives from Yahoo!, Pivotal, Oracle, Google, Adobe and FlipBoard left their corporate jobs to build the industry-only solution to tap into Hadoop natively and integrate with popular interfaces such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau or Qlikview. Their work over the last two years has changed the way leading online, financial, manufacturing and telecommunication giants are approaching the Hadoop opportunity with their current BI tools.

AtScale benefits include:

  • Speed: AtScale turns Hadoop into an enterprise-grade, scale-out OLAP Server. It provides interactive analysis performance and ensures optimal query throughput on Hadoop. AtScale supports Apache Hadoop, Cloudera, HortonWorks and MapR.
  • Scale: AtScale lets business users tap into Hadoop in real time, directly and securely. AtScale unique design lets users build reports on all the data they need, without compromise.
  • Choice: AtScale lets your BI tools “talk” Hadoop. AtScale is compatible with Microsoft Excel, Tableau Software, QlikView and many other leading Business Intelligence (BI) tools. With AtScale, business analysts self-serve to Hadoop from the tools they already own, know and love.
  • Agility: AtScale operates in-cluster and requires no data movement. AtScale removes the need for complex data movement, the cost of managing multiple data copies or time-consuming ETL work.
  • Control: With AtScale, IT does not have to set up datamarts to provide secure data access to enterprise data lakes. AtScale lets administrators provide managed self-service BI centrally and directly on cluster.


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