Visualization of the Week: Ultimate Oscars Dashboard

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It’s that time of year again where the stars put on their nicest frocks and cross their fingers that they’ll bag the ultimate award – an Oscar. It’s the premier Hollywood-land award ceremony and it’s watched by millions worldwide. But what’s it got to do with business intelligence dashboards? More than you might think!

When you get your hands on a data set containing each and every Oscar winner and nominee since the first was given in 1929 (thanks Silk!), you can’t just stare at it and do nothing. So our friends over at Antivia built the ultimate Oscars dashboard. To use the interactive app click HERE.


The Oscars dashboard holds a wealth of knowledge that has previously been difficult to find or get an overview of and offers valuable insights into trends in the industry throughout the years, most recently represented by this year’s large amount of biographies nominated for Oscars, at about 33% of all nominations.


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