Tresata Announces Real-Time Customer Intelligence Management Software Powered by Hadoop

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tresata_logoTresata Inc., a provider of Hadoop-powered predictive analytics software, has announced the release of Tresata Analytics Platform 4.0, the latest upgrade to its class-leading customer intelligence management software for financial data.

This release delivers several category-defining features – real-time execution of analytical processes using Spark, intuitive data scientist driven user interface, rapid integration API and enhanced intelligence discovery and delivery capabilities – while retaining its core advantage of having been architected to run entirely in Hadoop.

We are really excited about Tresata Analytics Platform 4.0 and the paradigm shift it represents in enterprise software completely powered by Hadoop” said Abhishek Mehta, CEO, Tresata. “Data is the new infrastructure, the Tresata Analytics Platform its Intelligence engine. It is hard to generate monetizable intelligence from Big Data and the automation and algorithmic power our software allows our customers to do it. This automated discovery of knowledge from those ever-increasing data assets is defining a new class of enterprise software we call Customer Intelligence Management.”

Real-time Customer Intelligence Management is the next frontier in Enterprise Software

Tresata Analytics Platform 4.0 brings to market an entirely new class of enterprise software that is purpose built for advanced real-time analytics in Hadoop. It introduces a paradigm shift in how customer data is collected, curated, computed and converted into real intelligence that allows for better, smarter and faster decision making which is at the very heart of Customer Intelligence Management (CIM).

Tresata’s recent certification with Apache Spark as part of CDH provides our joint customers with a real-time solution around predictive customer intelligence so that they can make better, smarter and faster decisions on all of the data stored in their enterprise data hub,” said Tim Stevens, Vice President, Business and Corporate Development at Cloudera.

With Tresata Analytics Platform 4.0, customers now have access to truly scalable and incredibly fast customer intelligence analytics in a cloud-ready enterprise software package. With 4.0, Tresata offer a full suite of CIM software applications that automate real-time customer intelligence analytics in 4 key areas – Identity, Marketing, Risk and Fraud.

Key Features in Tresata Analytics Platform 4.0 include:

Data Inventory Management

  • Automated Data Ontology Discovery for all data moved into Hadoop even when no reference data exists
  • Multi-dimensional Data Quality Scores that measure, analyze and report key input data metrics

Advanced Entity Resolution

  • Total View of Customer Engine that can successfully resolve to each individual consumer, client, asset, product or corporate
  • Out-of-the-box configurations allowing Data Scientists to ingest and map new data sources
  • Free data transformation functions pre-bundled with the engine – cleaning, de-duping, parsing your data as you resolve it at a unique entity level

Intelligent Data Indices

  • Industry and Vertical specific pre-packaged Data Index which is a collection of input variables needed to solve specific business problems with big data
  • Highly predictive collections already available for Identity Data, Financial Data, Social Data, Product Data and Market Data

Powerful Analytics

  • Real-time Network discovery, traversal and delivery engine with an at-scale visualization platform and query engine
  • End to end Algorithmic solutions for specific customer outcomes in Identity, Marketing , Risk and Fraud

Enterprise Grade Security

  • Out-of-the-box SAML, LDAP and Kerberos integration
  • Configurable authentication and authorization down to the user level

Open Source Application Development Framework

  • Scalding-on-Spark – Tresata is also open sourcing the most advanced application development framework in Big Data: Scalding-on-Spark
  • Scalding-on-Spark dramatically reduces the time to market to build predictive applications, allowing third party developers to either build applications on the Tresata Analytics Platform or independently

Tresata was an early adopter of Spark and their continued innovation paves the way allowing enterprises to get deeper insights, faster from their financial data,” said Arsalan Tavakoli-Shiraji, Director of Customer Engagement, Databricks. “With its ability to deliver blazing fast speeds, ease of use, and a unified platform for building end-to-end data pipelines, Spark has quickly emerged as the standard for next-generation data applications like Tresata.”

Tresata Analytics Platform 4.0 is already installed with early adopter customers and will be made generally available on November 1, 2014.


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