Yahoo! JAPAN Partners With Treasure Data

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treasure-logo Treasure Data, a cloud service for big data, has announced a partnership with Yahoo! JAPAN to offer big data solutions. The partnership’s first offering, Yahoo! JAPAN Big Data Insight will be available in Japan, enabling marketing and technology leaders to solve the challenge of rapidly collecting, storing and analyzing massive volumes of their business-related data about customers, marketing and advertising activities. With the new service, companies can have massive big data processing capabilities in a matter of days, without the cost, investment and effort of building or maintaining a complex infrastructure.

Our partnership with Yahoo! JAPAN reflects the new reality imposed on IT by big data initiatives in marketing,” said Hiro Yoshikawa, CEO of Treasure Data. “Massively scaling an enterprise infrastructure isn’t cost-effective or practical. Our customers from around the world tell us the same thing over and over again: Companies need the agility to rapidly launch big data initiatives for marketing, without the inevitable drag created by purchasing, deploying and maintaining highly complex hardware, software and data environments.”

The new joint solution will be transformational for Japanese marketers, enabling them to easily collect and access their own big data to better understand their customers and products. For example, companies can use their big data to understand and correlate the behavior of customers across many channels, such as web, mobile and physical locations. Companies can use their big data to learn how customers are using their products, by collecting and analyzing data from sensors or device logs. But to do this, companies must be able to rapidly process massive volumes of new data sources, a major challenge for IT groups. The new Yahoo! JAPAN and Treasure Data solution enables companies to get value from their own big data quickly and economically, with a fraction of the time and resources required to build it themselves.

The new solution brings together best-of-breed organizations. Yahoo! JAPAN, a subsidiary of  SoftBank, is well-known for its products and services for marketers and advertisers. The new joint solution will be run in the cloud, from state-of-the-art data centers at IDC Frontier, a subsidiary of Yahoo! JAPAN. The technology capabilities come from Treasure Data, which built the first end-to-end, 100% managed cloud service for massively-scalable data collection, storage and analysis.

Treasure Data has a unique set of services that have already helped many companies get value from new big data sources. Yahoo! JAPAN selected Treasure Data as a partner based on its clear expertise in cloud-based, scalable data technologies and its managed service model, which together help companies quickly see results from big data. We are pleased to work with Treasure Data to deliver these transformational capabilities to more marketing leaders in Japan,” said Osamu Aranami, Corporate Officer, President of Marketing Solutions Company of Yahoo! JAPAN.

Treasure Data’s cloud service is already changing data economics for organizations across the globe. Thousands use its free service, and the company has over 100 corporate customers using Treasure Data to collect, store and analyze massive volumes of big data about customers and products. Global retailer MUJI uses Treasure Data to process millions of mobile and web records, enabling targeted promotions and increasing sales. European advertising platform MobFox uses Treasure Data to process huge volumes of mobile clickstream, impression and other ad-related data. Treasure Data is also enabling real-time processing and analysis of sensor data for several global manufacturers, recently announcing an alliance with electronics giant Pioneer focused on vehicle telematics.

Treasure Data is now ingesting hundreds of billions of data records each week from customers, and that number continues to grow as companies discover how easy and economical it can be to collect, store and analyze new big data sources.


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