Hadoop Buyer’s Guide

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hadoop-buyers-guideHadoop enables enterprises to uncover valuable business insights hidden in mountains of dynamic, unstructured data. But when enterprises put Hadoop into production, they face stringent service level agreements around performance and availability. Most Hadoop distributions do not have the proven enterprise-grade capabilities to sustain a business-ready big data platform.

The Hadoop Buyer’s Guide by Robert D. Schneider, author of Hadoop for Dummies, is an invaluable resource for those investigating or evaluating Hadoop—from understanding how Hadoop can solve your data challenges, to what to look for when selecting a solution, to comparing vendors, and preparing for implementation and future success.

In this guide, you’ll learn justifications for why your organization needs Hadoop, profiles of major Hadoop distributions and why your choice of Hadoop infrastructure is crucial, key considerations when selecting a Hadoop platform, and best practices and tips for successful Hadoop implementations.

Download the Hadoop Buyer’s Guide now HERE for FREE and learn the critical questions to ask before selecting a Hadoop distribution for your production environment, in areas of performance and scalability –

  • How fast does it run, how easily does it scale, and how does that impact the business?
  • Reliability – Can it maintain business continuity by minimizing downtime, even when routine maintenance is required?
  • Manageability – Is it designed to lower the administrative overhead of managing a large cluster of servers?


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