Mode Raises $2M, Launches Collaborative Analytics Platform

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mode_logoMode, a new data analysis company, has launched to the public with the mission of making data analysis more open and collaborative. Mode’s web-­based collaborative analytics platform combines powerful SQL and visualization editors with publishing and discovery tools. Analysts can investigate and build upon existing analyses, avoid duplicated work, and share their insights.

The company also announced that it has raised an additional $2 million in seed funding, led by Formation8 with participation from Panorama Point, Goldcrest, Alexis Ohanian, Garry Tan, and a number of other angel investors.

Now, analysts can streamline their entire workflow, whether working with private or public data. Mode organizes data, SQL code, and results in a simple package that’s easy to share and work with as a team. By making existing analyses more discoverable and reproducible, Mode significantly reduces the time required to uncover insights within data.

Analysts today spend a large portion of their time thinking through problems that have been partially solved,” said CEO Derek Steer. “By organizing queries, reports, and work histories in one place­­ and democratizing access­­Mode helps people leverage existing work and frees up time for data scientists to tackle new problems as a team.”

Enterprise customers like Fuze, CrowdFlower, and AnyPerk connect their databases directly to Mode. Mode supports connections to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, and Vertica.

The deluge of big data from increasingly disparate sources is upon us. Now more than ever people working with data need transparency and collaboration,” said Formation8 partner Joe Lonsdale. “We’re excited by what Mode is driving towards in terms of enabling a broad enterprise community to share not just data but to iterate on methods and tools that to turn data into value.”

Individuals working with public datasets use Mode’s free, cloud­based data warehouse to reap the benefits of writing SQL and visualization code right where the data is stored. By understanding the relationships between datasets and the people studying them, Mode helps analysts quickly discover and learn from related work. Mode enables content creators to embed their insights anywhere on the web with unprecedented transparency: with one click, a reader can access an entire analysis­­not just the data­­ and build upon it.

Visit to create an account or explore work created by the growing community of analysts already using Mode.


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