Altiscale Hadoop-as-a-Service Delivers Apache Hive 0.13

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Altiscale, Inc., a leading innovator in Hadoop-as-a-Service (HaaS) solutions, has announced the availability of Apache Hive™ 0.13 on its HaaS platform, just weeks since its general software release to the industry. For data scientists and businesses that rely on insights derived from data, this is an enormous step forward, as Hive 0.13 can deliver significant performance gains over previous versions. Since Altiscale performs integration and performance testing as part of operational certification, customers can immediately take full advantage of this new tool. This responsiveness helps make Altiscale, the industry’s only purpose-built Hadoop service, the most advanced and useful HaaS platform in the industry.

In order to help our customers continue to compete effectively, it’s imperative they can leverage the latest Hadoop ecosystem developments, such as Hive 0.13,” says Soam Acharya, head of Applications Architecture at Altiscale. “Hive 0.13 is a key step toward real-time, interactive, and
in-memory processing. Customers should not be held back by their HaaS vendor in utilizing this capability.”

Altiscale is unlike any other HaaS offering in that the service runs Hadoop for customers, so they are freed from operating, monitoring, managing, or updating their Hadoop cluster. What’s more, all of this is done on custom infrastructure that has been purpose-built by industry
veterans to specifically run Hadoop at scale. As a result, Altiscale delivers the industry’s best performance and availability.

About Hive 0.13

At its core, Hive is an application designed to enable querying and managing of large datasets. Hive 0.13 represents a significant step forward, as it delivers the final phase of the Stinger Initiative, a project managed and completed by the open source Hadoop community. This initiative brought together work from hundreds of developers and dozens of companies and is designed to marry SQL, the primary language used with business analysts for ad hoc analysis, with Hadoop. With the standards-based authorization feature in Hive 0.13, developers can define authorization policies so they are compliant with SQL. Hive 0.13 makes Hadoop accessible to a larger group of technologists, as the skills required to use SQL are very common within the industry. As a result, more data scientists and business analysts are capable of leveraging the power of Hadoop.

The most important improvements of Hive 0.13 are related to the speed and scale it brings to users, including leveraging the Apache Tez execution engine. Tez is an application framework that allows for a complex, directed-acyclic-graph of tasks for processing data and is built atop
Apache Hadoop YARN. Tez is alternative execution structure to map-reduce and thought by many to be more flexible and powerful. Together with query engine improvements and an optimized columnar file format, Tez is capable of dramatically increasing performance by a 100 times over previous methodologies, offering more interactive querying. This allows better exploration, visualization, and drill-down of data.

Altiscale’s Data Cloud is available immediately. Interested parties can also visit Altiscale in person at booth # S4 at this year’s Hadoop Summit, taking place at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, Calif., June 3-5, 2014.


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