DataStax Adds In-Memory Option to Cassandra Database for 100x Speed-Up

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datastax_logo_rgbDataStax today announced DataStax Enterprise 4.0, the latest version of its always-on database platform based on Apache Cassandra. DataStax Enterprise 4.0 introduces a powerful new in-memory option and enterprise search enhancements for significantly faster performance in use cases where companies must process data at the speed of business.

DataStax delivers a powerful NoSQL database platform to the enterprise that shortens the time to revenue for Cassandra deployments and extends the capabilities of Cassandra with enterprise-ready features such as search, security, analytics, in-memory computing and easy-to-use management tools. Seamless integration of real-time information with a production-certified version of Apache Cassandra helps organizations build scalable online applications that leverage hot data in real-time, in the context of their critical business application. DataStax customers include eBay, Netflix, Adobe, Constant Contact, Ooyala, and more than 20 companies in the Fortune 100.

The rules for online data-driven applications have changed. Customers in financial services, online retail and healthcare are dealing with high-volume, highly dynamic data and traditional databases fail under these modern and dynamic workloads. In order to scale and remain successful, organizations need the lightning performance that an in-memory database can offer,” said Robin Schumacher, vice president, products, DataStax. “DataStax Enterprise 4.0 is the first NoSQL database to combine an in-memory option with Cassandra’s always-on architecture, linear scalability and multi-datacenter support giving businesses what they need to build and scale online applications with zero downtime.”

Performance Boosts and Search Enhancements

Today’s dynamic, high volume and data-driven business culture has created new types of data sources emerging from the cloud, mobile devices, social media and machine sensor devices. For such applications, traditional relational databases such as Oracle simply run out of steam. DataStax Enterprise 4.0 gives businesses a powerful, modern database alternative to relational databases and helps them build online applications that scale as their business grows.

  • Fast Performance: objects created in-memory optimize performance and deliver increased speed for read operations which enables businesses to deliver data to their customers quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy Development: in-memory objects act as typical Cassandra tables, so they are transparent to applications and developers and have no learning curve.
  • Flexible Performance Management: administrators can flexibly assign data to in-memory objects, traditional spinning disks or SSD’s all in the same database cluster, making performance optimization easier than ever before.
  • Faster and Easier Search: new search features help developers build applications faster while enhanced internal cluster communications deliver faster search operations, even for thousands of concurrent requests.
  • Cassandra 2.0: adds new features such as lightweight transactions and CQL enhancements that make it easier to migrate from RDBMS.
  • OpsCenter 4.1: latest version of DataStax’s visual monitoring and management solution, OpsCenter 4.1 has capacity planning and custom graphing enhancements empowering IT staff to more easily pinpoint capacity issues over time and proactively forecast future.


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