Using Analytics to Build a Big Data Workforce

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big-data_NEWSEveryone’s talking about hiring data scientists but most pundits continue to focus on skills rather than the mindset required for this challenging role. Talent Analytics CEO Greta Roberts spoke about this topic to a group of data scientists attending the Boston area Big Data Analytics Meetup group on February 4th, 2014. The video below is Roberts’ 1.5 hour presentation. You can download her slides HERE.

Many innovative businesses and IT organizations appreciate the competitive advantage analytics capabilities can provide and have ambitions to reach increasing levels of analytics maturity. However, the well-documented shortage of analytic talent leaves many firms without a strong analytic talent bench and little knowledge about how and where to find analytics professionals needed to get there.

In this presentation, Roberts discusses results of a major quantitative study of the “raw talent” of professional analytics workers. This study crossed industries, experience and skills. Practical insights shared will include: raw talent characteristics businesses are looking for in their analytics professionals, trends and correlations that lend unexpected insight into how organizations are building a strong and scalable analytic talent bench.

About the Speaker

Greta Roberts is the CEO of Talent Analytics, Corp and a faculty member at the International Institute for Analytics. She has 20+ years working for world-class technology innovators like Lotus, Netscape, WebLine, Cisco and Open Ratings. Under her direction, Talent Analytics has grown to be a leader in predicting employee behavior — the next logical step beyond predicting customer behavior.


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