Splice Machine for SQL-on-Hadoop

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SplicemachineA new trend in the Hadoop ecosystem is SQL-on-Hadoop technologies that include a SQL layer or even a full SQL database over Hadoop. SQL-on-Hadoop solutions have become very popular recently as they solve the data management issues of Hadoop and provide a scale-out alternative for traditional RDBMSs.

Splice Machine has written a compelling new whitepaper justifying the need for SQL-on-Hadoop technology solutions. The whitepaper, “Splice Machine: SQL-on-Hadoop Evaluation Guide” includes a number of useful topics:

  • Hadoop: moving beyond the big data hype
  • Hbase: the database on Hadoop
  • Struggling with existing databases
  • Solution: SQL-on-Hadoop
  • Reasons to use SQL-on-Hadoop
  • Case studies
  • The SQL-on-Hadoop checklist
  • Splice Machine: a real-time SQL-on-Hadoop database

To download this 16 page thought-provoking guide, click HERE.


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