Visualization of the Week: Citeology

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Citeology is an extraordinary project coordinated by Justin Matejka, a member of the research laboratory of modeling software Autodesk/AutoCAD.

Citeology looks at the relationships between research publications through their use of citations. The names of each of the 3,502 papers published at the ACM CHI and ACM UIST Human Computer Interaction (HCI) conferences between 1982 and 2010 are listed by year and sorted with the most cited papers in the middle. In total, 11,699 citations were made from one article to another within this collection. These citations are represented by the curved lines in the graphic, linking each paper to those that it referenced (in blue), and in turn, to each paper that referenced it (in red). By extending this process in each direction we can see further generations of ancestor and descendant papers which the target paper built from or inspired.

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