Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer’s Disease Announces a Big Data Challenge

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logoThe Global CEO Initiative (CEOi) on Alzheimer’s Disease, Sage Bionetworks, and IBM, have announced the Alzheimer’s Disease Big Data Challenge. The Challenge is intended to disrupt “business as usual” research with an innovative Big Data approach to identify more accurate predictive bio-markers for cognitive decline due to Alzheimer’s disease that can be used by the scientific, industry and regulatory communities.

Open science approaches such as this AD#1 Challenge are definitely tremendous accelerators for progress. Sage and DREAM have already shown that in the span of several months, DREAM Challenges can attract hundreds of teams who end up submitting thousands of predictive models to a single Challenge question. How many years would it take the traditional siloed research lab to generate this many answers to a research question?” said Stephen Friend.

AD#1, which is the first in a series of Alzheimer’s Big Data Challenges, will utilize data from the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, a world leader in sharing data.

Registration is already open and AD#1 organizers expect the Challenge to open in early 2014 with the final scoring of submissions taking place before the summer.

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