Articulating Your Clinical Business Intelligence Strategy

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heatlhcare_bigdataThere’s an awful lot of talk about the adoption of Big Data technology in the healthcare industry, or the lack thereof. To date, healthcare has been the industry most likely to lag behind in big data. Why? Maybe because it has the most to gain, but also the most to lose if not done properly. So the thought-leaders in healthcare are taking a slow and methodical approach toward approaching this new technology by first establishing a clear and distinct Clinical Business Intelligence (CBI) Strategy.

The goals of the strategy are to – define what business problems are they trying to solve, who is leading the charge to answer those questions and what information they need to do so. These are weighty questions that large healthcare organizations are generally not accustomed to answering.

Clinical business intelligence in healthcare is in the early innovation stage, and it may be necessary for healthcare to take a more measured approach toward adopting big data than other industries. Only time will tell, but all indications are that healthcare is starting to wake up and smell the big data coffee brewing.

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