Enabling Real-Time Analytics Using Hadoop Map/Reduce

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In this slidecast, Wiliam Bain and David Brinker from ScaleOut Software present: Enabling Real-Time Analytics Using Hadoop Map/Reduce.

Welcome to real-time analytics for Hadoop! ScaleOut hServer V2 is the world’s first in-memory execution engine for Hadoop MapReduce. Now you can analyze live data using standard Hadoop MapReduce code, in memory and in parallel without the need to install and manage the Hadoop stack of software. (Only one small change is needed to your Hadoop program.) Gone are disk I/O latencies, slow start-up times, and software environment management headaches. Benchmark tests have demonstrated 20x faster execution time over the Apache Hadoop distribution. Now you can use Hadoop MapReduce in live applications in financial services, e-commerce, logistics, and countless other scenarios where results are needed in seconds instead of minutes or hours.”

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  1. Supermicro has some excecllent Hadoop offerings that are perfect for the realtime analytics applications such as these.