Big Data Upgrade Delivers for You at the Postal Service

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uspsOver at Federal Computing Week, Frank Konkel writes that the U.S. Postal Service’ supercomputing and big data efforts are about to get a substantial upgrade. USPS has issued a five-year, $16.7 million contract to Maryland-based FedCentric Technologies to expand the agency’s already formidable high-density supercomputing capabilities, now used primarily for fraud detection, to improve efficiency and competitiveness.

Today, the USPS uses our systems for visibility, reporting, sortation, fraud detection and deterrence,” said Gerry Kolosvary, president of FedCentric Technologies. “The current systems established the ability to process streaming mail piece data in real time. Future efforts will leverage this capability for additional high speed analysis and detection.”

Big Data efforts at USPS surrounding fraud detection will be improved as well, performing as many as 2 billion scans per day.

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