What Could You Do with Urika’s 512 Terabytes of Shared Memory?

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Over at the YarcData Blog, Alyssa Jarrett writes that the extremely large shared memory of the Urika Big Data machine enables users to find unknown connections between items, paving the way for innovation.

Here’s an idea of what you can hold within a 512 terabyte shared memory:

  • 7 times more books than the entire catalogue of 22,765,967 books contained in the Library of Congress
  • A music library of 178,957,971 four-minute songs—enough music to entertain you nonstop for more than 1,365 years!
  • 177,777,777 copies of the 1,440-page classic, War and Peace
  • Approximately 160,000 copies of the entire human genome
  • 48 seconds of the entire Internet

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