Convey Computer Makes Big Data Play with Hybrid-Core Memcached Appliance

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Convey’s memcached appliance

Convey’s memcached appliance

Today Convey announced a new hybrid-core HC Memcached appliance, a device that “provides an order of magnitude higher throughput than commodity servers, while maintaining sub-millisecond response time.”

Data-enabled science puts extreme pressure on storage systems and intelligent use of tiered storage is an essential strategy to maintain throughput and minimize latency,” said SDSC Director, Mike Norman. “Convey’s memcached appliances accelerate a key layer of the storage hierarchy, delivering high throughput even under heavy loads.”

According to Convey, the accelerated memcached appliance is completely transparent to the rest of the cluster; one appliance can be a direct plug-in replacement for multiple conventional memcached commodity servers. The appliance runs standard Linux, supports standard fabric interfaces, and is easy to deploy and incorporate into a typical data center.

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