Versium Delivers Big Data Value through Predictive Scores

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Versium logoOver at Puget Sound Business Journal, Emily Parkhurst writes that data technology Startup Versium closed $2.5M in strategic financing. Recently listed as one of CRN’s Top Ten Tech Startups, Versium helps companies better understand and market to their customers with its predictive analytics scoring engine.

What’s particularly interesting about Versium, though, is a recent change the company has made to its business model. Rather than providing big companies with a new big-data analytics tool, the company is boiling big data down to its essence: the answer to a question. “We can deliver the value (of the data) through a predictive score like a credit score,” Matty said.

Versium’s Fan Score is a predictive score that’s derived from combining data you have on your customers with billions of data attributes we have in their LifeData platform. LifeData details include insightful information such as location, demographics, approximate net worth and income, favorite interests and activities and how active someone is on a social network – how many friends and followers they may have and whether or not they are a frequent poster.

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