New “Number Sense” Book for Making Sense of Big Data

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Over at Small Business Trends, Pierre Dubois from Zimana has posted a review of the new book: Number Sense – How to Use Big Data to Your Advantage by Harvard’s Kaiser Fung.

Data gives theory legitimacy. But every analysis also sits on top of theory. Bad theory cannot be saved by data. Worse, bad theory and bad analysis form a combustible mix.” To enlighten us on how the chances for error are occurring, Fung supports the details with a case study approach in the text. The book lays out its chapters into four segments – Social Data, Marketing Data, Economic Data, and the intriguingly titled Sporting Data. Each segment contains enterprise and societal viewpoints to highlight how data-derived decisions can misinterpret the models an organization creates from the data.

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  1. Thank you for adding the review to your blog. I really appreciate it, and hope your readers discover their own insights from Number Sense. Thank again!