New Cray Cluster Connect Puts the Super in Big Data

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This week at ISC’13, we learned about the new Cray Cluster Connect. Described as a complete Lustre storage solution for x86 Linux clusters, Cray Cluster Connect is an “hardware agnostic” solution for customers who need flexibility in their storage configurations. In other words, you no longer need to buy a Cray supercomputer in order to get access to Cray’s Big Data and fast I/O expertise.

Cray has a long, rich history in the HPC storage space, and we have built some of the largest and fastest Lustre file systems in the world,” said Barry Bolding, Cray’s vice president of storage and data management. “With Cray Cluster Connect, we are applying our Lustre expertise and innovation, and taking all that we have learned, developed and invested in parallel storage solutions to an expanded customer base. We can now deliver end-to-end, Lustre storage solutions for customers’ existing x86 Linux environments. With the launch of Cray Cluster Connect, our storage and data management solutions are no longer limited to Cray supercomputer customers.”

Available now, Cray Cluster Connect offers a wide range of storage options including block storage components from Cray, DataDirect Networks, or NetApp plus a full set of management and storage connectivity tools for data movement, archiving and management. Read the Full Story.

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