Is Big Data Dead from Overhype?

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Over at Venture Beat, John De Goes from PreCog writes that Big Data has been overhyped to death and its time to move on get down to business.

Now that big data is dead, we’re free to move onto the next chapter of our lives. Which, from a data perspective, means we can stop worrying about the volume, variety, velocity, veracity and verisimilitude of data (just put it in Hadoop already!), and begin focusing on ways to impact bottom-line metrics by leveraging the talent, tools, and technologies that are slowly making their way into mainstream.

While Mr. De Goes (who runs a Big Data company by the way) is obviously trying to make a point with this obituary, Big Data is not dead. In fact, I think its really just getting started. And while he doesn’t look like the kind of guy I’d like to scrap with, I’m going to say, “Long Live Big Data!” and advise you to put your money on the man in the red hat.

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