CERN Chooses Coverity to Root Out Bugs in LHC Analytics Software

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In this podcast, Axel Naumann describes how CERN used Coverity testing software to root out problems in its massive Root codebase used to analyze results from the Large Hadron Collider. The LHC is all about Big Data, generating over 15 Petabytes of information per year.

CERN has been even more successful in its quest to achieve software integrity through the installation of Coverity Static Analysis, an industry leading development testing solution that leverages sophisticated analysis techniques for finding and eliminating hard-to-spot code defects early in the software development lifecycle, as the code is being written, when they are the easiest and least expensive to find and fix.

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  1. Great act, even considering that they are ‘just’ seeictarres. I have met their kind having worked at a premiere scientific institution like where they work. GOOD FOR THEM!