Video: What Can Apache Hadoop do for You?

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In this video from Cloudera, random people are asked, “What is Hadoop?”

What can Apache Hadoop do for you? Watch the video to find out what other people think Apache Hadoop is (or isn’t). Share your own ideas about Apache Hadoop. Get out your video camera or phone, channel your inner filmmaker and submit a short clip or mini film of what you think Apache Hadoop can do for you. Let your creative energy flow: It can be sincere, funny, educational or witty. By participating, you could be selected as a Cloudera Hero and win a four-day trip to San Francisco to spend a day hacking code with Doug Cutting, co-founder of the Apache Hadoop project. Find out how to get entered. Don’t have a video to enter? Help us pick the winner and give your favorite contestant a thumbs up. Go to and click the “Be a Cloudera Hero for Apache Hadoop” tab for full details.

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